I never really had any new year resolutions in my life or at least don’t remember ever fulfilled one. However, this time it was different. On the first day of 2017, I made 3 resolutions- first : Live a healthy life. Eat healthy, exercise & get back in shape (I mean 6 pack Abs shape 😉 Second: Spend more & more time with my lovely wife & my two boys (one 7yr old & one 2.5 months old!) third: Start a blog to share with a larger audience about what I think, I know & I do & possibly help them in their respective lives.

I’m a 36 year old living in GTA  (Greater Toronto Area), Ontario, Canada. I love movies, reading blogs, watching basketball (Huge raptors fan) & investing.

I was born in a small ( geographically speaking, definitely not in terms of population) country in Southeast Asia, did my schooling there, completed MBA from the most competitive business school in that country. Then started working in a financial institution there & was having a very successful career over there. Then in 2011, immigrated to Canada with my wife & 2yr old son. Luckily for me, I landed a job in a leading IT company with in 1 month of coming to Toronto and has been working there since then.

Few weeks back, one of my coworker was sharing some his financial problems which I initially found funny. He told me- in the beginning of last year he had about 10k in his saving accounts and after making the most money that he ever made in his life in 2016, he has nothing left in his saving account & depends on his credit cards. I know that person is not a big spender or waster- so where did all the money go? After examining where he spends his money every month, I advised him to do some lil tweaks on his budgets & plans which solved 90% of his issues & now he’s getting his saving back. Then this thought came to me- why did this guy didn’t get this in the first place. He was a young, smart, university educated single guy. He was supposed to know all these like how to live your life, how to budget, plan & enjoy his life- rather than getting depressed by debts. One of the main reasons we moved to Canada was that our kids will have better schooling, better education. Now this guy who had all that education didn’t have any clue how to organize his personal finance, budget. Well, they don’t teach these in schools. So should we talk the guy at the bank? From my experience, those guys are only focused to sell their obnoxiously high fee products to me, they have little regards if I’m struggling with my finances or not.

So I decided  to start a blog where I can share what I’m doing to organize my personal finances, what I think about the products and services available in the market, share the ways where any individual can start their own online business in 10 minutes for (almost) free & start living a healthy, wealthy , happy but simple  life ☺

Through this blog I will strive to inspire and motivate you so that we call can fight our way together towards the brighter future of financial freedom where we enjoy our time, money and lives to the fullest even when we live simple.